What steps would you follow to optimize a website?

Build links from relevant niche
Add quality required content
Make site user friendly
Offer great user experience and make the loading time fast
dont use high quality images
Use proper alt tags and names for the images

The First step is to identify whole the problems with the website. Like; website speed, URL structures, necessary page creation (home, services, about, blog & contact us), web page content etc.


If you want your website to genreate business or achieve the business goal it is not enough to optimize the website technically for on page seo only by adding some seo elements. But you need to audit your website for all aspect like website design, marketing features, User interface and finally for seo. Check your website for:

  1. If your website design is attractive.
  2. If website is easy to use.
  3. If Website content is that user want to read.
  4. Proper use of CTA (call to action button) like Sign up, contact us, booking, call button.
  5. A blog section that have blogs that really helps to users in any way.
  6. On page SEO improvements : Audit your website through any online SEO tool. Like nibble seo tool or seo site checkup to find the missing seo elements. Fix the issues on the website and start to promote website on different website related to your industry.

I think it will really help you.


SSL/CDN - Cloudflare
Remove Unused CSS scripts
Remove Unused Javascripts
Move JS scripts to footer
Compress img's
No index duplicate content
upgrade the server
remove unnecessary plugins
Run site in screamingfrog - find broken links, wrong title tags, etc etc.
Get post size under 1.5mb

and so on..

For me, on-page optimization is very important.
I also use blog commenting and Web 2.0 cross-linking. I proven this to be very effective.