I am new in seo can anyone please tell me how can i start my project

hi first analysis ur website and competitors . start work with onpage after that start all off page activities

Run a detail anaylsis against your own website and competitor. You can follow Neil Patel and Backlinko SEO Checklist for performing initally audit. Cheers

We need more details. Are you a designer? Developer? What type of project?

Dear the Workinng Plan is diffrent for every project it deppends on keyword compitition targeted country etc.

First you have to analyse your website & competitor website. After analyse You post your content in your site with used SEO techniques.

@cookhood you start which type of project? Can you explain

Are you have website? If you have website then planned to start which type of project ?

You should hire a SEO service bro, they can help you with that. If you dont know some good SEO service, I can help you.

You need to do on-page optimization. I think for a beginner this can be difficult and will take a lot of time. You can find the checklist and check every item on your website. A more effective way to refer to specialists.

I'm also a new seo, I'm getting seo for a website, where do i start, help me, please.

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First of all analysis of your website.. you will complete your on pages fixes first and move on your off page activities.

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