I am anew seo operator.how can i successful in this sector?

A couple of options:

SEO Skills Option A

You may want to consider learning how to write well, in English ... provided you wanted to optimize English web pages.

SEO Skills Option B

You may want to train your hands and mind to copy/paste hyperlinks super quickly. That's the tremendous talent most illiterate search engine optimisers acquire. With a honed copy/paste pistol SEO operators can dump links all over the place and pump the crap out of off-site ranking factors. Well, that's the theory. I think the mainstreet notion. But that technique is being less addressed lately ... wonder why .... it's such an an extraordinary pool of SEO talent --> these guru linking strategists PR'sters. When you mature as an SEO operator technician specialist maybe you ... even you can stand proud amongst the greatest anchor scheming popularity illusionists of alllllll time ... IMAGINE THAT?!!?

Keep on reading SEO related blogs & forums to know more about the SEO & its new updates and all that

I have noticed that at one point we had a pr of 4 that was about the best, but now, it dropped down to a 1. That is pretty bad. According to Google's webmaster tools we have almost 800 sites linking in, yet in total we really have about 6,000. Trying to work on this nightmare. We have tried to get listed on Baidu, but as of yet, nothing.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


Thanks all of you for good suggestion which help me in long run.

there are lots of SEo releted blogs and forums.. have look at it

Remember create authority links only

SEO Moz starter Guide to SEO is best to read before entering this field.
Also, there are many SEO Related forums where you can gain your SEO knowledge and also ask your each and every Query regarding SEO.

If you are new in seo field then first get good knowledge about seo.
SEO is of two types, on-page seo and off page seo.
On page seo:
Content checking
alt tags
meta tags
keyword density

Off page seo:
Forum posting
article posting

Hi guys...

If you want to learn SEO then firstly learn basic about SEO. then go to data submission like directory submission, SBM and forum posting etc.

SEO is the latest new Inernet Marketing Techniques.....

You can use many link building sources for your website in which image optimization and yahoo answering are the best techniques of SEO.

Do more study regarding to SEO. You have to read seo related news, articles and updated with latest updates of seo.

To be successful first your must gain the full information about the field...
Read more and more articles related to seo. This will help you alot...

Many blogs, articles are available related about SEO. You must read that blogs & articles for get some additional knowledge & ideas for doing operate SEO.

Remember onething be careful for building backlinks
You operate each & everything be careful in SEO

First you have to learn all SEO concept then you have to move on write a content with help of on-page SEO techniques then go to off-page SEO activities. I hope this is best way to you for improve SEO knowledge.

First you have to learn the basics of SEO by Google Seo guide or you can also read the
beginners guide to seo , by Moz .
After that also follow searchengineland news and RAND FISHKINS tutorials by the name of White Board Friday on youtube.
Join digital marketing forums and read stuff from them.
you will definitely get alot of information about seo.

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