If you want more customized search results on google then it's always good to use filters while going for a particular research. For that you can try given below search terms.

  1. Use of quoted searches: If you are looking for specific results of particular term then apply "" in your search while typing in google search box for example. "This is Sample Search Query" and hit enter. You will get exact results of pages which contain the keyword.

  2. Use of +sign: This trick is interesting. If you are looking for a product with specifications then you can use it. For example red shoes +Delhi. This search will give you results which has red shoes as keywords and +delhi will add value in filter results. Delhi will be included along with searched keyword.

  3. Within side search: If you want to search inside a website without visiting then you can use inurl: tag it will help you to explore website without opening it. For example if I want to search for a person on facebook but I don't want to open facebook then I can type Prashant Ojha inurl:facebook.com this search will give me results of all the facebook accounts with the name of Prashant Ojha.

Hope this will help you to filter your search results.

Filtering out the results might help you to get search results close to what you desire, but even they might fail to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Hence, following are a few tips that will help you to get the exact results that you desire:

  • Filter out your search result by date
  • Be more specific with your keywords and, if possible, search within a specific website
  • Type in filetype: pdf along with your keyword if you are searching for files instead of URLs
  • To get your result to exact specificity, go for an advanced search.
  • Try avoiding stuffing your search with keywords you don’t actually require.

It often gets irritating when you are presented with search results you do not actually want to get provided with. Try using these tricks, and you will immediately notice more specific results are being thrown at you by Google.

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