I need to know what i sthe different between Google Analytics and Ahrefs tools

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Bad company? Ahrefs won't answer such questions (for you) so my view is quite negative.

However if this was you trying to talk up Ahrefs tools, you achieved the opposite effect since companies that don't answer pre-sale questions don't deserve the sale.

Always i audit my website via Google analytics. But i heared ahrefs also best tool that's why i need to know the different between that.

commented: This is another -1 for Ahrefs. You didn't come back and share they answer pre-sale question. That's bad news. +15

Google Analytics and ahrefs both are analytical tool for analyse and measure your website traffifc. Google Analytics tool is a free tool. Ahrefs tool not support for track all keywords.

I think it's wrong to compare these two tools. Google Analytics allows you to analyze traffic. Ahrefs pushes me to create a semantic core, analyze the reference profile of competitors and so on.

Wrong thing to compare these two tools. Google analytics used for traffic and Ahref for identify competatior backlinks.

you are comparing the wrong tools, if you need to do site audit then choose semrush or ahrefs