Anyone else having a problem with Google AdSense?

Google keeps denying my new site due to COVID-19. However, their email tells me to re-submit for further review.

Anyone know how long this will last?

Considering it is Google, I would have thought they can review websites remotely..

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How do you know COVID-19 is the reason for the denial? What does the rejection letter say?

commented: Some of our services are temporarily experiencing delays during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This means that we’re unable to review your site +0

Sorry, can you post the entire message as a forum post instead of as a comment? It seems to be chopped off.

.... Oh, I see. I don't know if that means you should resubmit later. I think it just means they don't have enough reviewers right now and so it might take longer than average to have your site reviewed.

Is it definitely a rejection letter or is it a, "Sorry, there's a delay" letter?

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