Who here has seen a noticable increase/decrease in traffic since Google BERT launched on Friday? Unfortunately it hasn't been too kind to us.

My question was directed at other site owners who have insight into their analytics. :)

BERT supposedly is a big update, yet it's not triggering as such via all the top SEO tools out there (Moz, etc.). However, there seems to be some more insight into that. Apparently BERT mostly affects long tail traffic (which of course is 90% of DaniWeb's traffic), while most SEO tools and small business websites out there typically just focus on short tail. That's why it's not noticable by most people. <sarcastic>Yay us.</sarcastic>

Hi, Dani hope you will all fine. I have also noticed about Google Bert and due to this update of Google my own side ranking has been disturdbed.
I also worried about it.