If your company was guaranteed a top 3 rank for a Google search, what search term or phrase would you choose? What's your plan to achieve this and how much marketing spend would it take?

It absolutely depends on the industry and what keywords you're trying to rank for. You can rank for your brand name with barely any effort at all. Does the site already have backlinks? If there's a strong link profile, then use one of the many keyword tools (Moz, Ahrefs, etc.) to search for relevant keywords with the most amount of traffic, and inject those keywords into strategic places ... factoring in the right keyword density and all. Broad term keywords are another matter, of course.

Oh, and if I was guaranteed a top rank for a search phrase of my choosing, I would not just pick it entirely based on traffic. Relevance is most important ... another factor to consider is that people genuinely searching for that search term have a low bounce rate when landing on your page. That's how you keep the spot once you get it.

Sounds like millions to me.

You might think so, but a technical SEO's salary is sub-$100K. A decent technical SEO should be able to rank in top placement for a related non-broad term query.

commented: I bet Amazon spends this and more every year. They rank in the top 3 often. +0

You’re confusing Google Ads and Google organic.

commented: I wonder if Brad is buying or selling. They haven't been writing much. +0
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