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I m in trouble here, I have just started my own local digital marketing training classes here in Indore region. And I want to optimise my institute's Website SEO and want to be on 1st top organic search results locally. Tell me what can I do for it and what kind of SEO strategies I can apply for optimization. Which SEO tasks I can do for my site. Please suggest me ASAP. Please tell me in details what I must do? Thanks a lot buddies. Hope you will reply me with an effective solution.

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Erm, if you are selling digital marketing training then shouldn't you be the one telling us these things?

Cool Buddy.

First do a research on keywords. Which are relevant to your website. There are many free research tools. Select long tail keywords aslo they will have less competition. Do Research on your local competitors. Share your thoughts and blogs in all social media sites. Make sure you website speed is fast. Make some paid social media marketing depending upon your budget locally. Make sure your title and description attractive and give suitable heading tags. In one line you wont learn anything mate you need to research and get the knowledge so that you will get answer for your questions.

Why are you starting a digital marketing training class if you dont know how to rank locally in your own region.
You can start with keyword research , then on page optimization like meta tags for all the pages and the page which u want to rank locally , optimizing the device for mobile , make sure you produce locally driven content , Use local base keywords in ur tags & content etc

If you want to improve your Local SEO for your business, there are a few methods that you can implement. The methods are laid below -

  1. Create a Google My Business account
  2. Get reviews from your customers
  3. You can create based on local news
  4. Make your contents voice search optimized
  5. Optimize your website for mobiles
  6. Get help from online business directories.
  7. Research for keywords
  8. Crease separate webpage for each service or product
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