What is procedure to find out PageRank?

You can use Google tool bar for it.Install Google toolbar.So when you open any website , i will show you its Pagerank.

If you are using Firefox or IE, you can use google toolbar. Install it and activate the google PR option from options of toolbar. When you visit any site, you will see a little gray bar. If that site have page rank is will be filled with green color. When you put your mouse over it, it will show you how much PR the site has. I hope this will be helpful to you.

Easy! If you are using FIREFOX, then search, "Google Toolbar" firefox addons from Google and install it to your FF browsers. Once it's installed, then you find PR displaying under row of tabs.

I spend some time to Google “Page Rank Tool” and thereafter I installed it. You can try also to do the same.

You only need to install the Google Toolbar for Firefox. Sadly, the support for Google Toolbar for Firefox will stop. All further development has been stopped by Google.

You can check your pagerank in the google ranking site. You can easily check the pagerank in googlerankings . com

have you ever install 'Google toolbar'in your system?

Google just announced that they won´t support Google toolbar for Firefox anymore. You can still use it for IE. I recommend you to install other SEO addons that also include PR scores, like seobook, or seoquake.

you can search on google for "check page rank " and you will get your site also you can use site like seocentro . com