What is the Latest SEO Technique, currently working in 2015?

Well since today is the dreaded mobilegeddon day, I'd have to say it's a mobile website!

  1. Mobile Search Optimization... 2. Earn Backlinks 3. Semantic Search. 4. Choose Long Tail Keywords 5. Brand citations and mentions. 6. Social media signals.

Relevant content
Domain Reputation
Mobile friendly
Author authority

I don't feel focusing on SEO is what your really should be doing in 2015... unless you haven't got the basics right. What you really should be focusing on is content marketing.

Increase Site Speed
Natural Links
Optimize Page Titles
URL must be Short & Descriptive
Mobile website

On Page Optimization

Responsive Design
Brand Promotion on Social Media
Blog Post
Add a Local Listings
Active on Social Networking site
Image SEO
Video SEO
Forum Posting

Content is the most important !
As well as mobile optimization, blog commenting, networking, local optimization

5 Essential SEO Techniques Works In 2015

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Semantic Search
  • Mobile Search Optimization
  • Increased Importance of Earned Links
  • Brand Mentions and Citations

Follow these five SEO Techniques to work in 2015.

Hope these will helps you.

Mobile Search Optimization is the very most important key factor and latest SEO technique currently used by more people in 2015.