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I've been a long-time lurker on this forum so I wanted to share some super powerful SEO link building tactics that I've used that I think might benefit a lot of you. I'm primarily a marketer, so dev is a weak point for me, and this forum has been very helpful for me. Conversely, I see a lot of awesome devs who sometimes need help on the SEO front.

Has anyone here tried using Q&A Links to generate referral traffic and boost your link profile? It’s a strategy I’ve been using for a while to build highly relevant backlinks and drive targeted traffic to my websites, and I’ve seen some great results.

I haven’t been able to find any posts with instructions on how to actually go about building these links quickly, so I figured I’d give something back and make one myself! Here’s an in-depth explanation of exactly how I create Q&A Links:

Step 1: I Set Up The Accounts

The first thing I do is set up an account for each of the websites I’m trying to rank on 10 different major Q&A sites (like Quora, Fluther, etc.). I then personalize the page as much as possible by creating a custom description, adding my social media accounts, and uploading my logo.

Step 2: I Choose Some Targeted, Relevant Questions

The next thing I do is choose 10 different questions related to my business niche. For example, if you were building links for an insurance website, you might choose questions like “what is the best type of life insurance” - you get the picture! I’ve found it helps to get inside the head of my target market and try to think about what questions they might ask.

Step 3: I Write a Detailed, Relevant Answer

Finally, I do a little research on each question so that I can write an accurate answer. The answer should be of as much value to the reader as possible. The aim is to get upvotes so your answer commands more authority. I also include any target keywords that I want to rank for in each answer (as naturally as possible) and a natural, contextual backlink. I tend to vary between branded, naked, and generic anchor text for each answer. Once I’ve written the 10 questions and answers, I post them to 10 different Q&A sites from the accounts I built in step 1.

The Results

The best thing about this strategy for me is that it lets me leverage the ranking power of authoritative Q&A sites. Q&A sites tend to rank on the first page of the SERPs for tons of search queries. By having a link in some of those pages, I can generate lots of referral traffic. I also get the added bonus of having 10 powerful, highly-relevant backlinks from high DA websites.

The biggest problem with this strategy for me is the amount of time I need to invest in researching and answering different questions. Those that don't have the time or the content writing ability are usually the types of clients that my company works with, but if you've never done any link building, this is an easy DIY strategy you can start with to bolster some quick wins.

Has anyone used any other link building strategies that they’d recommend? Let me know! Let's get a discussion started.


Hi there! Welcome to DaniWeb. I have noticed you have posted similar versions of this tutorial on other sites. Just a heads up, we typically frown upon any plagiarized content / content that exists elsewhere. For example, you've posted nearly the identical tutorial here

I'll let this slide because it's actually a great example of your strategy, and I think that your strategy is sound. The issue I have with it is that, from the perspective of the publisher, we don't want to encounter a duplicate content penalty from Google, nor have any copyright takedown requests, and so we'll almost always delete content like this that exists across multiple sites. Not only that, but I'm going to throw out there that DaniWeb could save itself from the duplicate content penalty by linking to the "original" version of the article, as I'm doing.

In terms of other link building strategies, I've had great experience with Twitter over the years. I'm not sure if they still do it, but Google used to crawl and index tweets, and I've noticed that Google would send more traffic to content that was retweeted a lot.

Good luck!!

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