Iam want to promote another domain for my existing site. Can I put a new design of my existing website on this new domain and share the same database? Will it effect my SEM? If yes what is the alternate? Please guide.

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Spiders that index your site (like Googlebot) will not have any direct knowledge that the same database is in use. Databases like SQL generally allow remote access via TCP/IP, so it is technically possible to share a database between multiple sites.

BUT, Google might notice that both your sites contain very similar content (regardless of if you share a database or not). And one or both of the sites might be penalized as a result.

I have a client who is ranking #1 on Google with X site and #1-2 on Yahoo with Y site. The term is very competitive.. Google adword estimator estimates $550-$850 daily budget for 1-3 PPC spot for that term..
We use same db on those sites.. But you need to make your templates as different as possible not to look like you have duplicate sites..
I hope this helps..


Well, duplicate content is more than making your web sites look different.

If you use the same db with the same wording, it does not really make that much of a difference if the layouts and color are different, Google couldn't care less about that.

it would just notice that the wording and sentenses are the same. Google is even getting smart enough that it will notice duplicate articles by plagiarism, and then particularly if the two sites share the same IP or even IP range.


Just be careful of not getting penalize for duplicate content, there is no problem both sites sharing the same database because SE are less concern about that.

Sharing databases has nothing to do with SEO really, I would only advice against that if your db pukes out, you lost not one but two sites at the same time.

I assumed that using one db was to use the same db on both web sites, thus using duplicate content.


your second site can go on Sandbox .....

cause of copy content

your second site can go on Sandbox .....

cause of copy content

It can go on sandbox means, it cannot go on a live prod. server?

Sandbox mean google can penalize you from search results... no one can find your website searching from google even in 80. page on search results :D

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