I also would like to know how to drive traffic to my on line sites being a novice I find it a jungle out there and would love some strong advice as basic as it me be it will be useful.
So shared knowledge is always a gem as we can pass it on .
Cheers Phil Yates

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I would use free ad sites, like craigslist for quick traffic. I also do article marketing by publishing on article sites, that also helps. Of course, Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing for paid ads will help a lot; oh also MSN.

Craigslist drives a substantial amount of traffic this way?

Craigslist drives a substantial amount of traffic this way?

yeah, i heard a lof of power of Craiglist,

and about you,

if you want more traffic just submit your website to social networks like Stumbleupon or digg and ask your friend to thumb it or digg it too :idea:

I guess there is no easy way to really boost traffic to your site other than to work hard for it. You start doing it little by little. Perhaps spreading the words to your friends. If you have a very good, informative website then chances are your friends will refer it to others and you will get the traffic you desire in no time at all. Bottom line is, it requires patience. =)

Ahh! the age old question of getting traffic to your website.

The best and most effective traffic to a website is from a search engine i.e. the major site like google, msn and yahoo.

- SEO (search engine optimisation) Very important that you have optimised your website pages for the search engines. SEO can be performed by keyword rich placements within your web page text/content, Link backs to your website with keywords in alt tags, effective keyword title tages and the list goes on.

- for basic a optimisation tool is WebCEO a free download which covers many basic SEO areas and analyses your current website.

other free options

- add a link on foum sig
- add your site to directories
- write and publish articles with a link back to your site

If you are willing to pay for advertising.

The possibilities are as endless as you bank balance.

- Buy banner/text advertising on related websites
- SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Buy contextual advertising on google, yahoo and msn.

I hope i helped with your website endevors

Good luck

Search engine marketing is very competitive bu hard work and patience will pay off in the end,. It is not easy to get first page rank for your keywords. However if you plan you search engine marketing properly and do some work on it every day I am sure by the end for the year you can drive significant traffic to your website and do well on search engines in general.

Don't underestimate the potential of submitting your site to web directories.

You can post your site to free classified ads or try to use social bookmarking site. This is also a good source of traffic.

Some possible ways:

Use google webmaster tools to submit your sitemap , submit all urls

Submit to search engines in a regular basis

Update your contents regularly

Make your web-pages keyword rich and having keyword related contents

Join social networking sites, increase your friend connection, tell them about your web-site, tell them to tell to their friends [better tell in related discussions]

Using manual TrafficExchanges can give you instant traffic but not parmanent...you have to be on it continuously

use kijiji, craigslist, other classified sites

Pay directories to list your site

Pay for a press release in some good news site

Also, publish articles in other article web-sites

Hi all of the above suggestions are really useful however is there anything which will not cost me ?

So many tips are there and so much hard work has to do...
Then only we will achieve it..
Some tips are:
1.Make your site to look gud and better..
2.Try to sit end user in your site for some time by adding some interesting messages with good desiging..
3.include some flash file to look more good..
4.Follow reciprocal model,means place others link in your site ,then they will place our link in their site.
5.place your site url in blogs and forums and any other like orkut etc..
6.use your keywords as in simple and user friendly english..
7.Place some interesting topics and provide them by newsletters and so on..
8.Register your site address with google maps..
9.Place your images in search engines..
10.Contact search engines to adds your site.
Follow these and do hard work better..


Thanks for the assistance :-)

From my experience:

Press release (PR Web is fantastic - they have a seo package where your link is placed all over the web)

Social Networking sites such as Facebook are excellent for finding contacts with interests in your field, though they are strict with regard to spamming and ban you if they think you are spamming

Tell your friends and family, use visual methods such as printing on t-shirts, car magnets, anything to bring exposure

A well designed website created by a good team/designer will be search engine optimized

Pay-per-click advertising

Research marketing tactics and implement what you learn

Time... time and more time... paitence is key in the internet game.

First steps..

  • Work on SEO
  • Exchanging Links
  • Write articles
  • Use Google AdWords

see this material will help you...

How can I use creigs to gain people?

Create an article page on your site and then submit it to social bookmarking site like digg and propeller.

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