I got this forum right, with a good number of registerd members, covering ICT disucssions etc.

Now we've put together an editorial team that writes columns, articles, reviews etc.

On the other hand i got moderators who are moderating the forum. I got an idea of creating a section where content development for the home page, and other pages on the site happens - i referedto it as Content Bakery - where mods and editorial work toegther to develop content for various pages - part of the stratgey is that to pool half baked content from various sections of the site and fully developing it into relevent content on home page or corresponding pages of the site.

Now editorial team is intrigued with this section, but i must say im having trouble getting the mods to be as excited.

Is this a bad idea or is there a problem with execution?

Can someone recommend other stratgeies to aggregate forum content?



Firstly, I received your PM and want to apologize for taking over a month to reply. September was a very crazy month for me.

That being said, I think I'm a bit confused as to what it is that the mods aren't excited about. What do you mean by having the mods and editorial team work together to develop content? Is it just that the mods don't want to create the content but just want to be mods and edit/review it? Perhaps the mods just want to be the idea people, giving the editorial team suggestions on topics to write about or what they think the community wants to read.

I've created portals that include latest threads, most popular all time threads (by views / replies), this week's most popular threads (i.e. hot topics of the week), etc. These are all ways that portals can be completely automated with regular fresh content by taking top content out of the forums automagically.

Something else to play around with is to make a portal that is custom for each registered user. For example, keep track of which threads the user visits, and display the last ten threads the user viewed or posted in. When they return to your site later to see if anyone replied to them, they'll appreciate that all of the threads they want to check out are all there in one convenient place for them (without them having to subscribe to them, if your forum software even supports that).

Another idea for a custom user's portal is what we do in DaniWeb profiles ... Keep track of where users post and link to a user's favorite forums as well as other community members who post in the same place they do. That adds a nice social networking aspect to it.