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Thanks to everyone who has responded. I will definitely check these out. Hoping to have a one stop source for subscriber management and analytics as I did before Feedburner broke, but I may have to break it down into two if need be.

By the way, I wrote about my experience with Feedburner today in my DaniWeb blog. Please check it out and feel free to comment there:

Google Torches Feedburner Account Transfer

Thanks again for all of your ideas. If anyone knows of any other services, please leave a response.

Ron Miller
DaniWeb TechTreasures by Ron Miller blog


I don't think it helps in terms of SEO, but it does the following:

* Makes it easy to set up a way to subscribe to your blog.
* Manage subscribers.
* View detailed stats about subscriber activity.
* View detailed stats about non-subscriber/visitor activity including most popular posts, most popular links in and out and so forth (when it worked, which it doesn't for me any more).

Ron Miller
DaniWeb TechTreasures by Ron Miller blog

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