It's definitely hard to say what the best marketing technique is. Every business is different and so, too, should the marketing for that company. Personally, I think social media has been a great resource for most businesses. However, forum and blog discussion is great too! :)

Article submissions give you the strongest links if they are quality posts and you spread them properly.

One Of my very useful techniques in getting views or backlinks in SEO is Forum posting and Blog commenting..Infact one of my website got a nice PR rank and alexa Rank and Compete rank it means it has a nice rank also in google search can see my website down on my signature.

Now a days social media marketing like facebook, twitter is the best technique.

In your views, which is the best marketing technique you have ever used for promoting your website and why it is the best?

Post your opinions here.

As per me best technique is the blog & blog commenting , social bookmarking , articles , videos and also usage of social media. As all these techniques works best for me and providing the quick results for the site.

I am in a very difficult niche, which is the handmade world. Yet, it is an exploding niche (there is a LOT of competition and a growing and discriminating audience) so when I started, i read a lot of what internet marketers where saying trying to apply it to my niche (yes, it works for other things too, not just internet marketing) the best advice i got from an expert was: give away quality freebies. The second thing was to go where all my fish congregate and set up fishing. I went to the largest sites online that cater to my niche and I started posting there. It took a bit, but once they knew me, they started visiting my blogs, and I have been featured in other sites by spontaneous decision of their staff, which is very nice.

So, design or get some really nice freebies and offer them to an audience that really wants them, they'll tell friends, etc.
Find out where your audience is, and post there! Concentrate on finding an audience and on reaching it, otherwise you're just punching the dark!

Just do the SEO and persist!

community gathering.,.,gather first your audience or your prospected clients.,,.then advertise honestly everything about the products you will be selling.,gain their trust.,.and get big profits,:D

-erp leads

It is hard to answer such kinds of queries, but some most common methods are getting reviewed by blogs and forums, give your website links on social bookmarking sites and so many others.

Continuously updating your Social Media profiles.

I don't think you can limit an online strategy to just one tactic - the effectiveness depends on the culmination of the entire strategy. And different business and industries are going to find success in different online marketing channels.

Definitely Lead Generation is the best marketing technique. It helps increase your sales.

I have been using Guest Blogging and it is one of the most reputed and legitimate ways of building backlinks. though it is time taking but it is the most effective methods.

I spend most time on forums and blogs .Directory can't work sometimes ,most need pay .

It is practically very difficult to answer such questions because online marketing has very wide area. However Organic search engine listing should be the key factor those want to achieve their position in SERPs through online marketing.

I agree with bobchrist. The SEO/SMO is good way to promote any business.

There are many ways to promote your website. I mentioned below some SEO Techniques we can use:

1. Directory Submission
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Article Submission
4. Bookmarking and Sharing the Approved Articles to popular Social Sites.
5. Forum/Blog Posting
6. Blog Submission
7. Press Release Submission
8. Social Networking and Social media Profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, MySpace, Reddit, Digg, stumble, Google+ etc
9. Creating Link Wheel
10. Search Engine Submission
11. Video Optimization
12. Classified Ads
13. Yahoo, wiki Questions/Answers.
14. Web 2.0 Submissions
15. Local SEO
16. Manual Submissions to Country-Specific Search Engines
17. Google Places
18. Google Maps Local Listing

There is no best when there are so many techniques that you can use. Backlinking is one of the better ones I think but multiple techniques should always be employed. It is also imperative that you operate within the scope of your niche to get more targeted results.

Some of the best marketing technical are Superior Product ,Words That SELL, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization , Pay-Per-Click . These are used

SEO most probably, if only because it is one of the better choices when you are looking at long term benefits. There isn't relaly one option that's the best for everybody, though.

SEO seems like a really great option in the long run. You just have to wait and give it some time before it turns in a bit of profit. Not everything can go viral, after all.

commented: duplicated, just in slightly different words, you are not here for the sig spamming are you? +0

I want to quickly promote my website name, what should I do?

well its hard to define in some words actually its a ver vast field its need a dedication ad long tail reasearch

Well, maybe knowing how to manage your Facebook Edgerank might help you. If you start an FB fanpage and manage it well so that it would become popular, you can then re-direct your followers to your site and to your business.

Social bookmarking is best effective to my website.

Directories can be a tough battle unless you know the right ones for your niche. Fourms and social bookmarking can be very effective marketing techniques.

some of best marketing tips .
pay per click
forums posting and affilate marketing .

The best and easy way was placing tweets on Twitter.
Second would be getting to the first pages of Google ( but this takes time, work and it's not always sure you will get there )

All of you have great ideas and thank you all, but don't forget word of mouth. If you have customers, ask them to spread the word for you, perhaps give them a rebate or gift as an incentive. Remember that testimonials are a super way to acquire credibility, so if you have happy customers, ask for some promotion back!

Google is the major and most popular search engine. so my marketing always towards getting Google organic traffic fo rmy business. you need to focus on the keywords . If you wish you can avail Google adwords facility.

i think viral and affliated marketing are best techniques,i got here more knowledge from here.

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