Nothing is simple is it? So many choices to make! ha!
My new web site will include something I have not worked with before - a shopping cart. Upon researching shopping carts I discovered a great debate: PayPal (or other third party payment plans) v.s. Merchant Accounts. Both types have their pro's and cons. Example, some say customer insist on PayPal bc they don't like to give credit card info over the net; others don't like the fact that your sales dollars go into a PayPay account not your own bank account; others say they would lose customers if they didn't have PayPal, etc. etc. could go on forever with this debate.

One reviewer stated that when you are small and starting out and have low sales volume it may be more cost effective to use PayPal. However, as soon as your sales pick up - or if you want to have more control over the ordering process while saving money on larger sales volumes - then you will need to get a merchant account.

Looking forward to your opinion?

Yes indeed, that's very true. PayPal is a very good option at the initial stage of your business. Later on you can simply start using other cheaper options. However people demand PayPal only. So I guess you need to continue your PayPal usage for them along with the alternate option.