I read on a blog that it is a great time to advertise since it is lower cost CPC.

"According to Efficient Frontier, advertisers have "capitalised on this price reduction and achieved more click volume" while at the same time boosted ROI. Specifically, advertisers in the UK were able to cut their spend 11% year-over-year while boosting ROI by 2%. Across the pond in the US, advertisers fared even better. They were able to reduce spend 21% year-over-year while boosting ROI by a whopping 29%."

Source: http://econsultancy.com/blog/4241-recession-trend-more-clicks-lower-cpcs-higher-roi

So will this new news prompt your business to spend on CPC advertising?

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I prefer Google Adwords and I suggest you to use it ...

One of the most popular methods of online advertising is CPC, or cost-per-click, advertising. It is an extremely useful technique used by advertisers to market and promote their web site. Advertisers find it extremely easy to set up an advertising campaign and reach their target market on the web. Because advertisers bid on keywords, they are able to choose the amount they pay for the cost of having a potential customer to view their site.

Thank you for that info.

I will also go to Googel Adwords.

Google AdWords provides excellent intelligence about the type, number and profitability of searches which can then be used for SEO purposes. Google AdWords is one of the most readily measurable types of advertising available. The amount of data about your campaign available through Google AdWords reporting is incredible. This enables the precise tracking of the effectiveness of each search phrase in your campaign. It is easy to determine what the most frequently searched phrases are, what the highest converting (conversion from visitor to lead for example) search phrases are, and what the most profitable search phrases are.

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