These are the main two methods to get the traffic of website.
1. Off-page optimization
2. On-page optimization.

Promoting your website for free should definitely involve the use of social networking sites. Create a page for your website in facebook or twitter. Having a lot of friends certainly helps to promote your business through social networking sites. Post regularly.

You can also index all the pages in your website on some searc engine like google.

Use back links effectively.

Make sure the content of your website is completely unique with a generous amount of repeating keywords.

These are the main two methods to get the traffic of website.
1. Off-page optimization
2. On-page optimization.

I really subscribe to these words. Each optimization requires certain skills but they are doable.

Go and Contact Seo professionals ! they will give you different packages and i guess there will be some package which suits your wallet.. :D

You have to make your own domain name then optimize your site. Keywording is useful in getting traffic too. Then, do social media marketing, blog commenting, and forum posting. Those are totally free. Remember to be efficient with your name and content too so that people will surely trust you and your site.

Hi everyone, this is a facinating post and i truly agree.But in reality if you have tried everything you have to get traffic, what happens next? In my experience the key to any traffic is ultimate patience but this is not good for sales!
now i came across lots of people who want that perfect solution and i dont
want this to be deemed as spam but it really works...i'm always
researching white-hat seo but sometimes you need a quick fix especially
with that dreaded google update.
in my opinion is very affordable where ever you are in the world and with our
new IP alglorithm its guranteed success.

Terry Wingfield

It's is posible for free you can used for free work our site like free bookmarking site and directory site forum and SMO....

only facebook / youtube can send some traffic in your website.

Getting traffic is a pain in the butt! You got a lot of great advice on this thread.

Article marketing will work well, but you have to remember that you need at least 100 articles publihsed online before you notice any 'real' results. In other words, you have to create a long term plan for both article marketing and SEO.

If do your SEO right, you'll get a lot of organic traffic from Google.

Make a good social network on social media and make some do follow quality links. that will help you.

Well,getting free traffic is a difficult task, if you want to get quick traffic use social media.

Concentrate on SEO.
Build Backlinks.
Advertertise .
Make use of social Media.

Try to implement a content marketing campaign. You simply create a lot of content and post it all over the web. You want to create videos, PDF files, Word documents and of course web pages.

Make sure most of your content has a back link pointing to your site so people have something to click on when they view your content.

I fell the same way like quitting and giving up but with some advices from other web person I am still here. Experimenting and testing of all SEO Techniques I learned from reading and blogging. I am hoping to turn in the numbers with some improvements to my traffic strategies which can be found at my fan page

Take the advantage of wallpost free social ads,these are free of cost up to 5 number, if you want more then upgrade your account. It gives high value to your business, the ads will be display on the user's profile.

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first make your site search engine optmizied, so that you can relevent traffic from search engines to your site. Than make your product page of social channels, so that you can create brand awareness and directly interact with auidence. Or more or less you can go paid marketing.

Amway products are really good and here are some ways you can use to get traffic to your website.
Learn about SEO
Create backlings on Forums and directories
Do social bookmarking and blog writing related to your websites

make a site and start to do seo,ppc or you can try some good free ads posting site like, etc.

A good way to get traffic to your site is through the use of an AutoSurfer like you can create an account and add your sites which other people will visit in exchange for you visiting theirs. You can also earn extra views through referrals with referral links. Here's mine

just need good content and lots of it. you are good

start posting on social media like facebook G+ twitter linkedin pinterest and many others.

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