There are two ways of making money blogging, one more profitable than the other. These are the two possibilities: you either get paid for allowing other business owners to advertise on your site or you can include the blog in one of the many affiliate programs you’ll promoting. You can use your blog as part of an affiliate program, which involves promoting the products or services of a specific business. You can increase the profitability of the ads on your blog by taking advertising into consideration when you design you site. One thing I notice about some blogs is that the fonts and colors used for the ads should be only slightly different from the rest of the page, without standing out. why? Because the more visible you make them, the more likely it is that they'll annoy the user, and the entire purpose of your blog is to get people to spend QUALITY TIME on the page. See ya’ll next week! Holla

I agree! Ad placement really plays an important role in getting clicks. Ads should be placed strategically. I usually place them in the header and sidebar in such a way that they blend in the actual template.