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I read online that Google Wave is like the next best thing since wonder bread. I do know that only 100,000 invites were sent. So what do you think if you were one of the lucky ones? I have seen the video on youtube but other than that, I still cant judge.

When it was in the early stages of beta you could go view the way it would look and feel but I am waiting for the real opp to play with it before passing judgement. My feeling is it might eventually compete with FB and/or twitter on some level but that is just a less-than-educated guess.


Woohoow I received my test-account today =D
I can use the google wave preview version now

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Looking forward to getting my hands on it as well. A co-worker of mine has an account and she showed me some of its features. From what I saw, I recon it will be very well adopted. Some are describing it as "email on steroids." I can see a lot of small-medium size businesses dropping their current collaboration software and hoping on the Wave instead. Not so sure it will be so well received by the general public. At least not at first...

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