I was reading an interesting blog on Social Media Today about Customer Service being supplied by or accessed through twitter. One of my clients brought the blog to my attention and is interested in the possibility of using twitter in the company's customer service efforts. To be honest, while I have read about theoretical use of twitter in this fashion and I know that some consumer-oriented companies are doing this, my client is a B2B operation and my first reaction is to tread lightly as you do not want to alienate or annoy customers. Is anyone working with a
B2B company or knows of one that is using Twitter as part of their customer service initiatives?

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Your client is not the only one. Twitter is seen as a fast, useful, free platform that allows businesses to engage quickly with their customer. The issue is that not everyone Twitters. Period. As a business client, I may not be able to tweet if my company as a fire wall or a policy against visiting twitter using work computers. Thus, if the customer service is solely through twitter, I am concerned.

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