Social media have allowed users to share their lives in many different ways, via updates, images, voice, videos, etc. Now that many platforms are integrated, it is easier to catalog and archive your life. From a privacy perspective, I personally would be hesitant towards this. I just read about a new tool that allows publicizing your life easier - Would you make your life that public?

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If you go to Twitter, people share every little detail of their lives. Would you do that too?

How far away are we as a society from a reality show based on the 'digital over sharers' as I like to call them?

My question is: "Are people actually listening too all this non-actionable "insights"?"

No... I don’t believe you need to live in a glass house. Sure, many business owners and independent professionals have personal lives very much merged with their personal lives; the lines are blurred between personal and professional.

As I glanced around touristy parts of NYC, I must have seen countless times visitors tweeting their pictures, posting on Facebook, and who knows what else other digital sharing they are doing to share their vacation experience. I think long gone are the days when people had a nice photo album - now its all digital and to be honest - I dont think it elicits the same emotional response. Just an observation.

Why not, yes of course. Jsut keep in mind do not tell to anyone your credit card details and change your passwords to random generated and not familiar with your hobbies, style name or similar things :)
I think there is no another to be social (or not be in the future)

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