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Personally, I would rather carry one device with multiple functionalities everywhere I go than carry many devices that can each only complete a specific task.


I use smartphone for the abilities that it provide. Like office app, easy to work and other things. Of course I have problem with batery, but I have a spare one with twice the power.

If I would need only to call and send sms, I would buy and old phone with monochrome LCD, something like Siemens ME45 or similar. It would take a while to reconnect the charger again.

Anyway I wouldn't like others to know where I am / what I am now doing and so on. And if I have an urge to be in touch, I can use good old IM like ICQ, Skype or phone SMS, Call or chat sites.

One device for all is not a good idea. If it broke, then you are "lost".

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At a certain point, I want to limit my reliance on technology. My job does not require me to be that connected all the time and for my personal life I do not feel the need to tweet my every action or update my facebook status about each visit to Starbucks. I am getting a blackberry in the next few days because being able to do some things without sitting in front of a computer (check e-mail, check sports scores, check the weather and traffic conditions) would mean that I can be free of the desk more. Basically, I view smartphones and PDA phones more as convenient timesavers rather than necessary lifelines.


That is a good attitude to adopt, Marketing Rob. I also do need blackberry as an extension but I did once in the past used my TREO as an lifeline. I do wonder if there is a study on people who use cell phones as a substitute for real-life connection.

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