I want to know about the best twitter tools for marketing

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I use hummingbird which is a good tool for automating twitter

I would recommend hootsuite.com. It gets some really nice services on their site and should save many times for you on many social media. :)

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Thanks for the tool

Today I have tried the firefox twitter adons "twitter bar". It also seems to be good and easy to use.

I vote for TweetDeck

Agreed, probably one of the easiest for not only tweeting but monitoring the twitter-verse.


hummingbird is also good

A nice twitter tool that I use is Twitter Gadget for iGoogle, but this isn't an automated tool

co-tweet an excellent to tool to keep an eye on whos talking about you, and twirhl works clean.

You guys haven’t heard the name of TWEETSGURU. It’s more than I wanted from a twitter tool. I love it particularly for its safety system. Its automating system keeps secure one’s twitter accounts from being suspending by twitter, while using other automate twitter tools has massive possibility of account suspension because of automating your twitter accounts.

big fan of TweetDeck. Love how you can integrate, manage and monitor multiple accounts - as well as post directly and simultaneously to both Twitter and Facebook.

Since the OP asked about Twitter marketing tools, I'm going to publish a list soon that will contain a function-by-function Twitter tools list but bear with me because there are now more than 2,500 Twitter tools! :icon_eek:

BTW I prefer TweetAdder over Hummingbird. The HB software was not as elegantly designed when I last used it.

Stay tuned for complete list, but meanwhile, you can read my Twitter marketing round-up story to keep you amused. ;)

I like Tweetdeck because it allows you to segment the people you follow into streams, as well as create global search categories.

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