Clicksor finally responded.. but I just ended up closing the account. I'm making some good revenue now with Oxado . You can see a screenshot here . If you have a good honest website, with alot of vistors.. Oxado is for you. It pays for webhosting fees :p

From what I read here it seem that most PPC companies just spend your money once you join as advertiser. Then start delivering lousy traffic. But once a publisher wants to get their money they pay less than expected.

AdSence is the best for now. Google can not cheat :) This is too dangerous for such a business like Google's. :)

Of course they can! One my friend signed up for google adsense, got a first check for about $100+. When there was time to get the next check for almost $200, and his account got suspended! Google said: "Your AdSense account was found to be related to an account previously disabled for invalid click activity and we have therefore disabled your account. "

There was no other accounts and there was no click frauds eirther. So Google can do anyhing they want, they can accuse you in click fraud anytime and close your account,without any explanations or proof of their accusations. It is interesting that they do that right before payment is due:-)

What this means is that one should not rely on adsense revenue only. It is good as long as you're not accused in fraud and get checks form them. Your account can be closed anytime, and you have no chanse to open it in future.

have you tried bidvertiser? its quite good, I use it along with adsense but havent made much yet

I just stumbled upon this article when searching for clicksors site, as a rep from ClickSor called me this morning to tell me that my Ad was activated. Boy am I glad I found this page. I am going to cancel my ad immediately.

When I was on the phone with ClickSor I asked them where my ads would be and the lady said "We do not disclose the sites we use" or something along those lines. She said "We do not disclose" blah blah something. What is this ? Guerilla marketing ? Why on earth can we not know where our ads are supposed to be. I'm going to track down where if anywhere on the net these ads are, because i have a strong suspicision that ClickSor is all fraud. If my ads are anywhere on the net I should be able to find them using some web crawling software. Also, I would just like to add that I started off my first business (Hosting) not too long ago and this is now the 4th time i've been scammed on advertising. I've been scammed by I have over 4,000 impressions and only two clicks! Also.... The owner of is selling his house and is using his website to do it !! He has sent me two e-mails saying he needs to sell his house by christmas, and if anybody can help him do that he'll cut them a check for $10,000 ......

He wants to sell his house right before christmas ? I bet this con artist needs to pay off somebody.

As for the other two sites, they are owned by the same people and I purchased a link on both of those sites, and have not heard back from them yet.

I have to say I've been screwed thus far by everybody.


** Update ** I tried going into to cancel my account and is down! Possibly for good We'll see what happens, I have a feeling im going to have to fight to get my money back.

Hello everyone

I have see this discussion about Clicksor and I don't agree with you.
I am trying clicksor and google adsense and for me clicksor is 10 times better.
With Adsense you earn only with clicks.
Clicksor make you earn everyday with no clicks too.

I show you some days with clicksor


I had submitted ticket on their admin panel, no response

It is a good thing that I found this article.

I was contemplating of joining Clicksor, but with all the negative things being said I'm glad I didn't join yet.

I as well found this thread and am getting as fas away from clicksor as possible. I like how Kevin tried to save thier image here but come on, you stiffed the guy and God only nows how many more..

This thread reminds me of a saying my brother in law had when he was alive. It went like this, "I thought I was doing the system but in the end I found out the system was doing me".

Clicksor is now reaping the benefits of its handling of matters as this thread was the top of the List for a Google search for Clicksor.

Shame on you Clicksor..

ooo, that clicksor....

i have opened advertiser account, and have been waiting for campaign approval....waiting to much....(of course, i have transfered them money for the campaign)

after i have send them a claim , about to approve my ad or refund me with my money, guess what? they suspended my acoount, without any response ! and without any refunds, of course....
i lost my money.....fckn web criminals! i hope, some day they will pay for this on the court.
fool i am! and many many others customers.... google can be happy now- they are still the best.

I face a similar problem a week ago.
I had 50000 impressions on my website and 250+ clicks that time I earned $11
Then last week I had 75000 impressions and 380+ clicks and I only earned $6

I mailed them and they did reply me and told me that Ads are Geolocation based so it depends, from where my website is getting the traffic. If I get the traffic from US, UK, Canada then I get better ads on my site, which pay more.
Second thing they said was that some of the ad campaigns blocked my website because they think I dont have enough hits on my website.

Well, that would also a good tips for those who want to register in clicksor.

It is really painful to hear such things happening. Online Scams are increasing day by day. I just wonder why these type of companies limit themselves to a short term income, if they want they can be genuine and run their business so that it is good for all. It is really a shame to see the company guys replying and posting on this platform when they could have resolved all the matters there and then on their Live Chat or Email. This does show that they are at fault and they are pretending to save their face. I really feel sorry for all those people who had put in a their efforts, time and energy and were cheated in the end. Hope they get justice ASAP.

Clicksor is a well established advertising network found in 1999 with 3000+ account and over 60,000 campaigns in our network serving our world-wide clients. Additionally, we have over 100,000 publisher websites in our network and in general, we send out over 1 billion impressions monthly!

Since, Clicksor is on revenue share basis, the payout rate may vary by the geo and quality of the traffic. We evaluate the traffic quality based on the conversaion on advertisers' side.

Case by case, there are advertisers that have blocked some specific websites due to the low of quality of traffic; which may affect publishers earning.

There are many case could casued the decrease of earning such as the above reasons.

In addition, there are few ways to increase your earning potential, such as increase your traffic from US, UK, and CA, or try our other ad formats: Popunder, Inline Text Link and Inter-Ads which are the most profitable ad format for our publishers.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Thanks for the piece of information. However you haven't answered the thread starter why things got complicated with his account and why he didn't got any appropriate solution for his problem?

Thanks for the piece of information. However you haven't answered the thread starter why things got complicated with his account and why he didn't got any appropriate solution for his problem?

Since the original thread was created in 2005, I believe the issue was being handled. As for the tAALz's problem, we have already answered it. To state again here, you may increase your earnings with us by increasing your traffic from US, UK, and CA, or using additional ad formats, such as Popunder, Inline Text Link and Inter-Ads which are the most profitable ad format for our publishers.

We also recommend you subscribing to our blog for any updates and tips for your publisher account. <URL SNIPPED>

Best regards,

Clicksor Customer Service Team

There are other Canadian pay per click providers for those who are not satisfied with Clicksor, such as Panizon Ads.

I guess I was wrong with my opinions on all this. I apologize for all the misunderstanding and confusion that was created by my replies. I hope everything is fine now. :o)

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