I'm new to digg and stumble upon as i only use facebook and twitter for my website. Can anyone explain to me what is the main difference between stumble and digg? And also how digg and stumble upon get more traffic to your website? Thanks :)

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I would recommend building your profile on StumbleUpon just as much, if not more so, than Digg because of the potential for higher quality traffic.


DIGG and Stumbleupon have a different user experience, thus, the user have different expectation of the sites seen on these two sites. There are more actual visibility on Digg and more accidental visibility on StumbleUpon.


Your link on dig g in the beginning is nofollow but after some time when someone vote for you, you get dofollow link.


I don't see big difference between Digg and Stumble Upon. in general, both of them are very good bookmarking sites .. I would say the same as "dcc1" said; using both is better than using only one of them.
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digg and stumbleupon is sama advantages is to increase website traffic and as media of promotion for your'e businnes and website to makes many people know about a businnes...



Hi All,

There is no question that both the bookmarking site plays a very important role in generating traffic to the website.

But as far as I Know as per new Google algorithm Digg is slightly an upper hand over stumble upon.



Hi guys,

Digg and Stumble upon are both good for social bookmarking.
Use that first which has more traffic and more PR.

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