how are they done?

cuz i notice differnt ones


I use Google AdSense primarily. When Google ads are unavailable for a given page (i.e. page hasn't yet been spidered for google) then ValueClick skyscraper ads are used instead.

ah... intresting i take it you made it your self?

im looking for somthing to do banner ads on a new site im working on

no no im more than well aware of what adense is, i was refering to what rotated them

It's a feature of AdSense. Check out the HTML code to see the code for the AdSense script on the page. When a page is unspidered and all it can show are the free Public Service announcements, you have the option of replacing those with your own .html page in the IFRAME ... so I have an HTML page which all it has on it is a skyscraper ValueClick ad.

ah ok. :) well that doesnt help me much then ;D

I heard many good things about BanMan Pro

Google AdSense rocks :p

Hey theres a site that is looking for anyone who has a website and earns 1000 visitors a month, and they will get people to place banners on your site. But the best part of all you get Paid for it. I emaild the webmaster and this is what he told me:

We are currently looking for partners who have at least 1000 hit a month and who wants to add a banner ad to there site. We pay you:
$5 for sites with 1000 hits per month
$15 for sites with 5000 hits
$25 for 10,000 hits
$40 for 25,000 hits
These prices are per banner thats on your site
Also any pages you have that get at least 1000 hits :) :) :)

Site dont work..

I don't know about you, but I won't ever trust a site to get me hits.

Especially one written with Microsoft Frontpage (old habbit of mine... I don't trust anything Frontpage).

The site = Manihosting
Your username is JMani.

Sounds like some self promotion to me. :idea:

I have a small banner/button on this site? ;)

Huh? Yes, you do. But I was under the impression we were only talking about AdSense.

Autually its not self advertising. My last name is maini and when I found that site i tryed it just because of the name. it turns out it was good deal after all :)

Funny :-D

i want to shmlssly advrtise . ... i sell exhaust ( but really i dont my dad does... im sorry i had to...

Please don't advertise ;) If you absolutely must you could get constructive criticism about your site in the showcase forum.

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