I have been looking at different type of video related ads, like pre-rolls and videoegg ads. So if you have experience with these ads, let us know.

Video can sell very well for the right product or service. However often video is used just because it's like, you know, video

In that situation it tends to bomb badly, compared to text and normal graphics/photos.

Even with hi-speed net access, which most people don't have, video is slow loading and linear. Surfers prefer to scan quickly, which you cannot do with a video.

So really "it depends" is the best response, boring as it may be.



My experience with Video ads has not been very good. I prefer text ads or big image ads which tend to convert very well for me.

Video ads are gaining buzz but I have a feeling it may be going the way of Pop-ups.

Google, the biggest ppc company, shut down their video ads because they were not all that successful. I don't find any reason where video ads will gain as much popularity as text or image ads?

I think maybe we will see more success with video ads as TV and Internet assimilate.. but right now.. as people browse the web, i think most do not want to sit through a 30-60 sec video ad that is probably not even relevant to them.

Although.. Video advertising *is* evolving. Publishers are able to display relevant pre-rolls based on cookie data of previously visited sites or even based on your IP/location. The problem is... not many publishers are using this technology (yet) AND there just aren't that many quality and relevant video ads to serve to the end-user (probably has to do with cost involved in producing video). Additionally, pre-roll messages, in general, tend to be geared more for branding. Makes sense considering they are essentially lead-ins to the video users are really waiting to see.. so Yea, pre-rolls have not been very successful to-date.

Videoeggs on the other hand are rather interesting. I don't have experience with these on the publisher side but as a user, i can see how they may convert better than pre-rolls. Maybe it's because as a user, you are engaged in the video you set out to watch and while you are watching, a slightly intrusive ad pops in with a call to action. It's kind of like product placement in a movie only you can actually click through and buy.

As early as 2007, OPA surveys have clearly indicated that people on the web do not watch "video ads" done in the old, TV commercial style. Yet, watching video is the second most popular activity on the Internet after using using e-mail... So, if you want to use pre-rolls, post-rolls, etc, chances are these would hardly work.

If you do just a small 5min. instructional video, that offers a tip on solving a burning problem, your traffic could reach beyond the skies...

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