This is for people that are on Facebook and use it to send people to their websites. This is an online newspaper ( with lots of great articles. You can leave all the comments that you want and they are all linked to your Facebook page.

Of course for IT articles just use with a signature.

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UMMM... I do not think this is just for people who are on facebook. In fact, many blogs, article sites, news sites, magazine sites and more use these facebook wiggets to share the article with their facebook friends. Some sites even allow you to log in with your facebook account in order to leave a comment.

I have not seen any others so if you could give me some of them, then I would appreciate it, especially a major paper like this one.

This is a good page for business people who wanted to be updated on current financial news. But it is also a good source of articles.

It is really an informative news and hope all facebook lovers love to read it.

Online Newspaper for Facebook Users :) This is very nice :)

Thanks for this. Cheers

Nice sharing.. Will look into it.. Anyways thanks!

Thanks Good Luck Chuck for sharing such informative post of online newspaper ( This really helps many people to get more knowledge.

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