Is social media marketing effective on online business?

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Using the Internet as the media to “carry the conversation” and be interactive with your audience is simply the “Web” developing into its fullest potential as an interactive media form.

Using media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to get your message out there is the new wave of advertising. Although, when you're posting tweets or creating fan pages, it's best to work at offering your services with content that doesn't seem overtly "business or bust". Readers have started to become more skeptical of cliched market copy and appreciate more personal writing.

It's definitely effective. You can use to update in one go the status of all the social networking sites you are registered with.

Based from my experience, Social Media Marketing is effective in a way of driving traffic to your online business.

Hi keith. I have checked out and it is really cool. Thanks for suggestion.

Yeah.. Social media marketing is really effective for online marketing business. Its really help you to boost your business.

SMM is always effective as far as onlin marketing is copncerned

Yes, but with few popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace these are great place for promoting your services and products as well.

the thing is that you just have to develop your network on the most popular social sites by increasing you fans and followers...

Yes, definitely social media marketing is very effective if its used and managed properly. It is the process of promoting your site or business. Most of the social media web sites help in improving the traffic through which one can maximize the profit.

Thanks for all your replies and loyal response to my question.

If you get many friends and followers it is effective. As well if you get votes for your posts. There need to work a little bit to get value of social networks.

Social Media Marketing is one of the best strategy to raise brand, customer interaction and direct sales.

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Thats the best favor you can do to your Business!

Off course... Social media marketing Facebook,Twitter and Myspace is really effective for online marketing business.

Yes.. but to need to be careful while selecting the social networks.. Excellent examples of social networks which can help are facebook and twitter!

Yes. Social media marketing is very effective especially when also combined with social networking and email marketing techniques. Use of social media tools like, You Tube and others, help in passing on the message more efficiently and quickly.

Facebook,Twitter, blogging,forums are all social interactive and are effective for marketing online.

Social media marketing is method of marketing is very focused on the basics to attract consumers attention. This allows them to interact freely with the business using social networking sites. The continued proliferation of opinions from one user to user may entice readers, making it a network of product endorsement. It is also known as Social Media Optimization.

We've gotten clients from our facebook page, but nothing from twitter.

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