I am trying to get my site as well up. But i am having troubles. The concept is the first of its kind, it has every topic known to man, so no need for a specific nitche. I need active members, everyone who seems to join, are terribly inactive, and i do not know why. Any advice?

If you want to get more people to your site, you're going to have to make an investment. You'll need more content than just forums. Take DaniWeb for example:

We have lots of forum topics, but that's not all we have.

There's editorials, product reviews, industry news, etc...

Creating content like that will draw people to your site. Perhaps they'll sign up and make comments on that additional content. If you're doing a good job, then the visitors should be steadily coming in.

If your site already has a saturated market with your competitors and you're not offering anything new/innovative, then perhaps you might need to go back to the drawing board.

Well there should be proper on-page SEO and the most important thing in the forums are the navigational structure the new user should have easy access to all the categories and one should feel great to navigate the forum which has very disciplined structure apart from that thing sms campaign can be broadcast to get the desired amount of the traffic on the website and you can target demographically those people who may get some useful content in your website

I think the most important and reliable source to advertise any forum or site is SEO, you can also use social media and SEM technique to get good backlinks and when you get good backlinks then definitely you will get good PR and SERP against particular keyword.

As we all know that forum is the best method which has be effective for the result. And for getting more people to the forum , one need to solve the other members queries. And be live in discussion on any topic is the major need when doing forum posting. And by providing useful and meaningful content in the forum , one can attract more people to their forum.

Free ebook on your niche topic is always helpful to people, either that or guide of some sort.

At first complete SEO properly and then publicity your site throw social media.

hmm. i think u shold have to first make a fan page on facebook...and try to invest some money if you need a bulk of members fastly..and be active on different forums and tell little much abnout your forum..

It can be popular by adding more categories with more content.

you should create bulk of backlinks to optimize your site and then eventually people start visiting your site

@Dani atleat its make sence to me. i was thinking about some personal coaching from you. Can it be possible for you ?

PPC is the best options if you need promote your forums

  1. have an active forum
  2. promote on similar forums
  3. comment on same niche blogs
  4. be active in the social media

Having done some good onsite seo work is of course mandatory.

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