Hello there,

I am the administrator and owner of <snip> and i wanted to ask for some tips how to get members to the forum.

I have been reading around but i didn't come with something effective so thats why i posted here.
I am not sure how to advertise it without spending too much money on ads (tried facebook but was too expensive)

Thanks :)

Posts in forums similar to your with your link in your signature...Forums that don't have members can't attract new members so I think you better pay someone to register and post some threads....do a little discussion to attract more members.

Yes, i do agree with Silveraden. Or else, you can reach out to your friends and ask them to register and actively participate in the forum with new and interesting topics so that others may find it useful and become a member of that forum.

That sounds like a good idea, where you can find such services? Any ideas whats the Posts/Price rate like?

There are 5 way of promoting of your forums
1>Have at least 10 topic and 20 post.
2>invite your friends.
3>link to site with other site.
4>post at least twice a day.
5>search for other community on the same topic.
With the help of this method You can promote your forums.