Hello all, I was just considering launching an article marketing campaign for my site, as I've heard its the best way SEO wise to increase site ranking for particular keywords.

Upon further investigation I found that all of the sites that I planned to link on like (I won't link to them directly): Buzzle, ArticleBase, Hubpages etc got hit pretty hard by the Panda update.

Are article marketing sites like this still a good idea if all of my content will be original and carefully written by myself?

Are there any other sites that I could post quality articles to that would increase quality backlinking?


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Articles with quality and meaningful information , and submit those on many article related site. And some sites you will find from google as per your need of field. Submit your article by permission on any high pr and quality site and, one thing you can use many KWs in sentence as word.


Thanks! Can anyone recommend a good article site that I could post to. Maybe one that doesn't allow the 'borrowing' and republishing of my articles?


You should find article sites according to your field. As if you submit in your field site then it will be more efficient. As you get backlinks from the site to your relevant site, and this will be more beneficial.

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