My business partner introduced me to a consultant a couple of days ago that specialty is with using social web meida as a marketing tool. He was very interesting and has given us a few ideas that we are now going to try.

I must admit my own knowledge of using things like facebook and twitter is extremely limited. So here is the strategy we are going to try in a broad sense and I am interested in feedback or other ideas to extend on it.

We will promote one of our younger competent staff who is quite active on facebook etc and make her our social networking manager. She will then be responsible for creating a facebook page for our business. All our existing clients will be invited to become friends on this site. We are also giving the role to another staff member to update our other online localized resources ie blog, calendar, news, video competition etc. We will also invite the community to give us information to place on our resources for the public. Every time something changes on these other things we will use facebook and twitter to notify others of these changes and hope that this will increase people visiting our site and lead people to tell others of our sites localized resources.

So my friends I would appreciate suggestions, comments, experiences etc that could help me devlop and implement this idea more.

Thank you.

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One can use social sites for marketing the business. There are many ways for doing this as by creating fan page which you are doing. And other ways are by promoting videos , blogs and articles about your business , product ,service on social media sites. And by this try to get reviews from visitor and do conversion with them. This way you can market your business and also can increase your business site popularity.


Social sites are a great way to help with branding. Put interesting content and pictures and you will get traffic.


Its a good idea but it depends upon the type of buisness you run.. ex) if you run a website where ppl can buy goods then its ok... but for other sorts of things i dont think that it will be suitable. The moral of the story is.. it all depends upon what sort of website you have.. By the way can you share your website so that we can have a brief understanding of your concept.. ???


Social media is a great way to get traffic on your site but you have to target people that helps you on your business. You have to create fan page and a group and also upload photos reliant to your business i hope you will get good result.

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