I own a website SNIP
My website has more than 150 backlinks.
How many backlinks do I need to get my site on 1st page of google for keyword"online games" ?

Also, can anybody please check my backlinks and tell me how many quality backlinks does my site have?
Because I don't know what are quality backlinks.


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I think you will require some more backlinks . But most important is the contents in you website .Get more and more contents and automatically your website will be on 1 page of Google.According to my experience contents play a major role than backlinks.

to make the recognition of your site, you require minimum five thousand backlinks

Lots more than you have. Get 5000 good links and you will on the top of page 1.

it's not a matter of "how many" in a definitive sense. You need diversification from your links, which will effect the level of your own ranking. :)

You need to focus on back links that are relevant to your site. It is also a good idea to place a few authority OB links to give your surfers a good info experience. IE. If you are promoting womens health, place a link to a womens health dot gov site. The big G will love you for that. Be selective with your back links. Choose a mixture of high PR and not so high PR. Do it slowly. It needs to look natural. If you suddenly create 5000 BL's in a day or a week, you will be flagged and do yourself more harm than good. Also. Back Links are only part of the equation when it comes to getting on P1. Good luck, I hope this helps

you need to establish some authority for the keyword you want to be ranked for. put some more relevant content, e.g. write blog entries with your keywords in title, description and body. That way you may rank even without too many backlinks.

it depends on what kind of backlinks you're getting. links in the body content pass more juice than links in the footer or sidebar for example. and it depends on how relevant the site is to yours. and the page rank of the linking site. and how thick and unique your content is. also, once a site links to you once, the links it gives after that don't give as much juice. the less you meet the above criteria the more back links you'll need.

Rather than quantity you should focus on quality of back link. and there is not any preset limit for this

it doesn't necessary that if you go through ample amount of back links for your website but if you can decide no of back links which you need in concern of your competitor back link then you can beat your competitor.

The important think that Back link should have quality and relevance.

Don't need quantity, it's matter of Quality.

online games is a very competitive key word you need a lot more backlinks.

You need a constant supply of good, high quality backlinks, increasing by a few a day at least.

Try to collect quality backlinks for your website

As many as possible

Getting only backlinks is not enough to get better position for the keyword but getting the quality backlinks is more important. So be sure for getting quality instead of quantity of the links and for that provide the fresh and useful content with the keyword.

No limit for building back links, as much as you can build quality back links for your website.

PR & ranking depends upon the backlinks but does not depend upon the quantity of the backlink, it is depend upon the quality of the backlinks

It Completely depend on the quality of the links you get to your site

You cannot say that huge number of back links will bring your website on first page of Google. See, if you have relevant back links or theme based back links and you are updating your content on articles, blogs & press release sites regular basis than you can come on first page. but, to bring online game on first is obviously a challenge. Even i also worked on one the gaming site and promote the keyword free online games.

The link anchor text is also important. Imo, what you need at first is to get ranked by a bunch of medium-tailed key phrases that are low competitive and frequent. Place them on deep backlinks from sites as high PR as possible and keep a constant link feed at a reasonable number (not thousands of links a day), as previous members have stated. After a while, you can try short tailed keywords.
Also, make sure that your page content is fresh and unique.

I think there is no number of gaining quality backlinks for your site. If you want to check your how many backlinks your site has, then you can use backlinkwatch.com

Well in my opinion, forget about number of links on your website.. try to focus on good quality backlinks specially if that's from your niche market that will be additional benefit.. diversity of links also plays major role.. and remember content is king, create link worthy content that people tends to share over internet

There is no number of getting quality backlinks for your site. Make sure you are getting links from your niche sites. Don't create backlinks with black hat methods.

Web content is key of traffic building-

Google spider loves great content . Believe me just have look at your content only rest Google will handle

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