Hello all !
I have not use PPC technique .Can anyone give the knowledge about the PPC.
Thank you !

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Pay per click (PPC) is a form of search engine advertising , where advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked.
Advertisers bid on keywords based on their relevant niche where every keyword has it's own individual cost per click (CPC).
Adwords is Google's Pay Per Click advertising program. Provided you have an adequate budget for clicks - we can get you onto the first page within 48 hours of campaign confirmation.
Take a quick tour to Adwords,

But PPC campaigns should be complemented by additional marketing efforts, such as SEO campaigns and effective use of social media.

PPC mean PAY PER CLICK .If you have any website you can apply for PPC .You can add any add on your website when anyone click on it you will get payment for this.

Pay per click is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher.

If you wish to learn PPC visit this page en|wikipedia|org|wiki|Pay_per_click


I have never used PPC and I dont think I am going to use it in the future also, I am happy with Off-Page opt. since it is cheap and it is always very challenging to see your site rise and fall and then rise again, spending sleepless nights in figuring what could have gone wrong!!!

If you say about Basic of ppc, well in this cratiria you should need to know about setup of ad campaign like Google adword, yahoo search marketing and other ppc marking platform

Friend PPC mean Pay Per Click.
It is a one kind of advertisement of Google .If you have a site you can apply to google for activate this.

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