I registered for a domain name at godaddy a year ago. its time to renew it. godaddy is charging $13 for it. I think it is expensive.

Do I have option to renew from somewhere else?

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Yes, you can transfer it with another registrar. GoDaddy prices are generally less expensive than the competitors, but you may easily find one that will discount the price of renewal in exchange for your business. You'll need to do a search online.

If you do not transfer at this moment, check your GoDaddy emails, they usually include coupon codes that may help you reduce this cost.

You just still renew with Godaddy and try to search for renew domain coupon, then you will can renew much cheaper than this. Something like8$ for .com domain.

They provide a lot of coupons.

Yes, you can transfer, but make sure they are giving you all details.

it might cost money to transfer tho

you can use godaddy coupons just do a search on google and you will find one.

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