It's going to be a year since i booked my first domain name....and now I'm beginning to get ulcers. Bec the company that booked my domain name has changed ownership and will not take renewals. When I called on other hosting and registering companies to renew my website domain they said they can't do it!!. I got my domain from a sub agent of DIRECTI which i came to know is a very big player in the web businees. I called up their new company Bigrock and even they said i must go through the previous agent although i told them that they seem to have shut shop or something likewise..the point is they won't take domain registrations!!

Is this how this business works? Then its really scarry. I thought this industry was very mature and domain names were sacred property that could not cease if a reseller just vanishes. If I am the owner of my domain can I not have it renewed with another reseller of the same registrant?
Can someone tell me if i can directly book my domain /renew my domain directly from whoever establishes the domains. And how to do it.

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There are so many resellers and resellers of resellers around nowadays. Many of them are 15 year olds working out of their bedrooms, who decide to just shut the site down when they go off to college, so you have to be careful where you buy from.

As far as I know, you can't buy directly from ICANN, the organization in charge of domain names.

I use Network Solutions (which is kinda pricy) but I would definitely absolutely recommend buying from GoDaddy. They're definitely stable, and at a cost of a dollar a month, it certainly isn't worth royally screwing yourself over just to save $2 ... especially if you plan on monetizing your site.

Unless there's something fishy going on, you can transfer domains to different registrants.

Well, I must say that I am in posession of my domain name now. Thanks to DIRECTI compliance team..they did help in resolving the issue very professionally.!!

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