I'm in great need to start my own bussines online. I have tried so many times to come up with a project to start working on it but, i'm confused. I want to invest but at the ssame time i'm afraid to take the risk. So, i need a bussines that is for sure will bring me income on a monthly basis or even weekly.

Is there any one who has an idea to share with me?
Is there anyone intersted to be my partner and share everything with me?

I really need to start the bussines as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, if we all had an online business that would bring in a sustainable, weekly salary... then we would all be doing it.

The best place to start however is to look at two critical areas, current market trends and your interests and experience. There is no point trying to start something in a dead market but equally there is no point starting a business in an area you know nothing about.

The best way is likely to be through advertisement as opposed to charging for a service, try and combine your interests and a niche market into a website of some sort, whether it be a forum, an information website or just a discussion group.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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In Online Business doing a reseller business is easy.Currently,I am doing a web product reseller business through which I earn a lot of money. I sell webservices like Domain name registration ,Webhosting , Security certificates,etc,.I got my reseller account from GoResellers.com .It is very easy we don't need any technical skills ,all you have to do is get a account and they will provide you a website ,set the prices for the services and get customers to buy the services.For the services you sell, you will get your commission.
You really don't need a partner for this reseller business,But If you have any doubts regarding reseller business,I am happy to help you any time.
Good Luck :)

Hi there!

My suggestion would be to find something that interests you, wether that be blogging about a hobby, reviewing products or services, writing online tutorials etc, anything along that line can bring in a good income, but you need to work at it. A lot of people seem to think they can create a website and become rich overnight, unfortunately that isn't true.

Thanks, hope you get on well! :)

Kind Regards

online event ticketing business is the best online business.

Some good high level web portals and ecommerce sites(only if it become too popular or you have yuor own products which you can sale online) are good projects to earn.

First check what are your skills....if you are good in programming, development than be an active member at Digitalpoint, webhostingtalk forum, freelancer.com to get different types of projects. After getting project you must give proper time to that specefic project for completing it within the given time.

Dear Halen, Can you elobrate me about online event ticketing business?

Online business can be promote through PPC

On line tour and travels company is the best.

the best online project is google adsense and e marketing you can earn with the e marketing this is the best deal i have ever seen in my life

I will suggest you to start travel related project or related to cosmetics which is having high search volume as well as high competation..But you should have quality services then only you can succeed in this competation World..Once you start your business,promote it by listing in local business directories and make your business visible.

web development and re seller of the different will gives you the best business

affiliate marketing is the best plan in which you can get the best business

You should take your decesion.Are you really skillful for doing that?

Don't rush to start your business as quick as possible. You should have brilliant and promising idea for business. If you don't have such - it's better not to start anything.

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