Do you think its good to have a rewards program and does it really draw traffic? The rewards program in this case is paying members points for signing up and paying them when they comment and a bunch of other ways. Each point is worth a penny.

Can you please tell me your thoughts on this?


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I do think Reward Points would attract some regular customers if other conditions are similar! The method has been used in offline biz successfully!

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I think that if the rewards program was something a little more substantial or that rather than paying cash the points could be used to purchase items or gifts. E-Rewards.com is a good example. They award people cash amounts for participation in online consumer surveys and then give them a list of rewards they can purchase. I am a member and after racking up about $90 I got my daughter some magazine subscriptions and I got myself some coupons for Omaha Steaks and some borders bucks.

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