Match making and dating related forums will help you to get good traffic for your dating site.

If you want to promote dating website. You have to follow some idea to promote your websites.
You need to be found if you are going to be a success

1. Fix your Title Tags – make them keyword rich, with the keywords at the start
2. Fix your Meta Descriptions – Include a Call to Action and some of your keywords, this is for sales not ranking purposes
3. Fix your headings (h1, h2 and h3)
4. Create relevant useful content for your site
5. Keyword research is essential – find out what language your customers will use to find you and target it on your site
6. Remove duplicate content on your site
7. Learn about how search engines work (crawling and indexing) in order to help you understand the basics of SEO
8. Don’t worry too much about Page Rank – it’s a (fairly) useful guide but that is all
9. Don’t buy links – check out this recent SEOMoz post on buying links
10. Get access to your webmaster tools
11. Get a sitemap – you want a HTML and a XML sitemap to cover the search engines and the human users
12. Get a free website grade from Hubspot Grader – it will give you an idea an what needs work on your site
13. Fix your Alt Tags – recent study has suggested that these may be more influential than we previously thought, make them keyword rich and descriptive
14. Draw up a detailed inbound linking campaign and follow it (pay particular attention to the anchor text being used to link to your site)
15. Optimise for universal search (video, photos and local search can all be optimised)
16. Improve the internal linking structure of your own site
17. Subscribe to a couple of SEO blogs to ensure you stay in touch with any new developments
18. Join LinkedIn
19. Join Facebook – once you have your Facebook page interact with your customers and fans
20. Join Twitter – it is a great tool for staying in touch with your customers and can be used as a promotional tool also. Develop a strategy rather than jumping in blind
21. Attach blog to your site – this will aid your SEO with the fresh regular content, it can give your company a human touch, it can help build inbound links and increases traffic to your site. Get your blog in some big blog directories
22. Get happy customers to review you on the relevant review sites and then thank them via the site
23. Use YouTube and other video sharing sites
24. Use other relevant photo sharing site or site related to your niches
25. Be consistent across all social media – claim your brand online
26. Use social bookmarking services – pick two and start with those
27. Join the forums that are most relevant to your niche and be helpful
28. Get an add on Gumtree
29. Give a story to the BBC or other relevant news sites
30. Sponsor local events (for exposure and backlinks)
31. Write a Squidoo lens
32. Publish articles and press releases for exposure and backlinks
33. Get your products on Google Shopping
34. Use trust signals and calls to action on your website
35. Get and utilise reviews and testimonials
36. Give stuff away (content, advice, run competitions)
37. Feed the press
38. Use email marketing
39. Use add this buttons and share buttons
40. Guest blog on other sites in your niche (this can also give you a couple of new inbound links)
41. Get Google Analytics, understand it – and use it to its full potential
Hopefully this will help any businesses that are new to the world of Internet marketing understand what is required to be successful on the Internet – it is time consuming but rewarding. If you need further information here are some links to relevant tools and articles to get you started:

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datz very efffective info....


Very simple if you are SEO or Webmaster then follow all onpage with Offpage step and put your maximum link with Social Network sites(Means create community or groups in SMO site and share your website opinion).


I am just about to launch a uk dating website the problem is with so many big companies out there what is the best way to get my brand out there I will be starting my own database of users as I don’t want to share profiles if any one has any ideas or any tips please let me know

Thanks Rick

1) Register to forums related to your niche.

2) Create a Facebook profile and spread your word within the site. Don't sell rather tell why the people should visit your site.

3) Write articles and pin it in different versions. Submit these spun articles in directories.

try to do some article marketing, social bookmarks and update your website daily with fresh content and try to submit your website in other dating related blogs and website.

Try to find UK dating forums, there are lots of UK dating forums and then try promoting in them.

You can promote it by announcing earn dollar per referral or do email marketing of your site and do social network marketing.

Use Facebook to attract traffic as well as users or you can use MySpace as well..

Post in forums, blogs, backlinks etc. Is alot of work. Takes time to build.
Our website is new but we are constantly getting new signup. Our website is 100% free. Local dating in London/UK USA. Sex chat, escort services. Just signup for free and start contacting other members.

submit it to directories or do a linkbuilding. There is that someone who will always be interested in your site. :)

Dating websites keywords are really heavy competition, So better to expect the visitors from Google organic searches. Try to inverse some amount with SEM, Facebook marketing and Email marketing, media advertisement.

One more suggestion, many of the hackers are eagerly waiting to hack like these websites. So be secure always your websites. use like unbugme antivirus software and secure your website.

I think any of the dating sites go viral pretty quick. You just need to get it started and get some profiles on there. Also, make it free. those you can make tons of money on with advertising and adsense.

@queenbearn, it doesn't help the OP if you post on a post that has technically been abandoned by him/her for 6 years...

SMO and SEO techniques both have great contribution in ranking of website and traffic generation.

Dating websites are each than niche topic sites because you don't have to spend extra money trying to reach a very narrow audience. Social media can be huge here: especially facebook. Good luck!! :)

SMO is the best way to promote your dating site..Facebook is top socail networking site that each and every user visit daily.

improve seo, also try to earn as much as backlinks

SMO known as social media optimization are very helpful in promotion of online dating site.

dating sites are most likely social site so you need to promote it on social media as well with some optimizing.


There are plenty of affiliate marketing networks available in the market. Affiliate marketing is a popular strategy that is being used to promote products or any of the website or blogs. One can register with one or more various affiliate marketing networks such as
Commission Junction
Link Share
Google Affiliate Network
Once you sign up and get your special affiliate links, you can promote the links in advertisements, classifieds etc.
I have Google Affiliate Network for my business website. Choosing affiliate networks are largely dependent on customer needs and requirements.
For more detailed information about affiliate programs refer to

forums, facebook and twitter is the best to start with.

SMO is the best way to promote your online dating website.

You have to go to events in that certain niche and pass out business cards. Use youtube to your advantage and make a blog site...i know because im doing it right now! is the link just market and promote online and off line.

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It really depend what kind of business (dating) website that it is targeting (group).

Beside having a good website with SEO and using social media.

In the end you might have to hired someone to cold-call to get clients and also place an ad on newspapers or magazine. It's always best to do this locally and establish a base then start expanding.

Adsense can be the good option here..

Banner exchange and CPM(or cpc) based ads will be good think.

This is not separate is same as other website.

Doing SEO on your dating website. It's the best way to improve the website ranking. I suggest you some seo techniques and tips through you can promote your website easily.

  1. Use only unique and fresh content when you doing seo on your site.
  2. Doing working on high pr dofollow sites
  3. forum posting, blog commenting, bookmarking, classifieds, directory submission, ping submission and article submission are the best seo techniques through you will improve the website ranking.

maybe you can add a live chat in your dating site so that your visitors can chat in real time.

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