Pinterest and instagram will best for promoting a dating site in UK

if you want to promote the dating sites then leave the link of your site on dating in relavanet column

Do Onpage as well as Offpage optimization of your blog. And don't forget about Social Media Optimization.

You can promote it through Facebook also. Create a Facebook page and take help of Facebook ad.

You can promote through SEO and SMO.

Promote your website through Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

I have started a dating site business more than a year ago. Some of my friends told me that dating site business is really profitable. But it didn’t happen with me. I haven’t got any profit from my site for first 10 months. Actually it happens due to my ignorance. I haven’t any idea about how to get traffic and how it affects on dating business. Then one of my friends suggests me to read articles on dating site. Then I search all over the internet and I have found some useful articles which helps me to learn about traffic. I got a lot of information about how to get traffic on your dating site from this article.
Now I am getting profit from my site and I think it is really important to know how to get traffic in your site. For traffic SEO, social media and some other tricks are really effective.

Create FB, twitter and g+ pages for your website and try to target country for your website. you will find people start connecting with your website.

Probably you got a tone of emails from everybody. Here is what I sugest:
1.Since you have a dating site try to go by gender way.
2.Choose a specific niche also (dating for rich, dating people on a certain location).
3.Make your strategy first along with the content.
4.Create a great page/landing page with low attention rate and high CTA (call-to-action).
5.Create attractive headlines.
6.Don't invest 10 000$ because money will come in time. Have patience
7.Start On page with social channels as well.
8.Rich Snippets
9.G+ Authorship (rel=author).
10.Flawless content for distribution.
11.Off Page (local seo - forums, reviews, local press)

Here you are! A good plan!

also try to make a small simple mobile app to promote your idea, should be a good ad

Promote it using Adsense (as a lot of people search for online dating) and Facebook (as all the facebook users fall in your target market)

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