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Has anyone seen a crossover effect on AdWords during the pas month's rollout of Hummingbird?


Not familiar with that term Hummingbird. Can you explain more in detail or it's a technique?

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Now Hummingbird is coming from Google on Google Birthday. Now lets see how it will effect the websites traffic and rankings.


Thanks @happygeek - While I see the impact on our SEO, it wasn't exactly a month ago. Instead, it looks like we got hit slowly culminating on Sept 11/12. The question that remains though, is regarding SEM; has anyone seen a flux in that over the past month?

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As per knowledge Hummingbird will not effect too much to site if site is not containing duplicate content or black hat seo.


See: . . .

There is also an informative post made by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land:

FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

" . . . has anyone seen a flux in that over the past month?"

For my sites, traffic always goes up in September. Summers are very quiet but when school starts up again in September the traffic increases. So it is hard for me to gauge if that traffic change is caused by the algorithm change or the simple fact that students start needed my math tools again.

My own activities don't change in any case. I can't live my life around what Google or doing, or speculation about what changes Google may make in their algorithm. I still have to focus on writing some blog posts, writing programs, participating in a few forums, etc. My activities don't change.

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I don't know about its effect on Google Adwords/SEM but its effects search querries and its most powerful algo ever and also many people saw its effects when they saw change in web traffic of their sites.

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