Affiliate networks Affiliate Marketing are great if you’re looking to market your product or if you’re looking to make some extra cash on the side. I’ve personally been on both ends of the spectrum and I can’t imagine doing business without using one affiliate network or another. Each affiliate network specializes in their own way for a certain market so they’re all good. I should also mention that many websites have their own independent affiliate programs and you shouldn’t overlook them, I’ve made some big money with a few such programs.

Top 10 affiliate marketing site in india is below:

Commission Junction
Affiliate Window

Yes I agree in what you have said plus I also like the top 10 affiliate marketing websites you memioned but i would have included maxbounty in that liat as well I know they are a CPA company but you get some excellent affiliate campaigns from them

Hi,, if you are mentioning top 10 affiliate marketing site in india, please don't forget icubeswire

Even if you know all of these affiliate partners program, without proper knowledge you'll not earn a dime.

Most of those affiliate networks are in the US btw, although, they can still be used by people who live in India.

Ya you are right Kazoone. Thank you the lists of Affiliate Marketing Sites.