I have a domain (ex: domain.com). I also have a blog for this domain, domain.com/blog/. I create one article that relates to my domain every two weeks and post it on this blog. On each article, I promote 3 links back to my own domain.com.

do you think it is a good idea to get back links from this way?
Should I keep promoting the same keywords over and over?


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What you are talking about is not really a backlink at all. All the content is on the same domain. If you post something on your blog and you want to link to another page on your 'main' site that it's related to, then by all means do it. Don't do it for the purpose of getting more backlinks, because it's not really a back-link at all. The only backlinks that count for anything to search engines are 'quality' links from external sites to yours. What you are doing is internal linking.

When it comes to internal linking, some people try to do 'link scuptling', where they are trying to control the 'link juice' of pages. For the most part, this is an exercise in futility. You do want to link from many of your subpages, to pages that you see as the most important, but trying to control the 'juice' is a waste of time. Write good content, organize it in a meaningful way, and link as such.

If you are posting that blog link on some other quality sites, yes, it matter. It will bring some value to your domain.

Internal site links are count but they are IBLs what search engine follows they are OBL and one ways links.

What you are talking about is called "Internal Backlinks"
If You post your domain links to your blog then it will create Internal Backlink.
And What you need to create is External Backlinks which is more important.

Internal linking is also a good practice to get traffic for a website

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