Hey , I am currently 2nd undergraduate and I am new to this presentation . Currently I am pursuing IT , but not much I have learn. I have a presentation within 1 month , I need your help to suggest me some interesting topic. It will be given priority to the IT subjects howeover other subjects are also welcome. Hope you can help me please . Just suggest me some interesting topic to present. Thanks

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It's a big question you're asking, since IT is a really big subject. But a few ideas you could look into.

  • How the IT/IT industry has impacted/affected the world we live in today.
  • How would the world look like with IT?
  • Does IT bring new projects to the world, if yes, which?
  • Programming and why it's awesome ;)

IT is such a broad topic. Do you have any ideas as to what niche within IT you want to focus on?

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