I just want to ask if what are the best marketing promotions that really works for your marketing campaigns?

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the best marketing promotion is google adwords in which you can get the targeted traffic and can make you business populr in few days

Hello Paul,

I've found a great site that will help boost your own website's traffic and it works! It's called Link Collider. Not only do they boost traffic but they also get you Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers and more. For free! It's a great way to really get your site out there and spread the word about what you have to offer! And did I mention that it's free? It's worth checking out.


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Hi Eugene,

I think the link you provided is pretty useful and beneficial. I would love to try it. But do you think it is a safe way to promote a business? I think the site provides a blackhat SEO techniques.. Just saying.. Well, thanks a lot!


@rjdoll99 thanks for your suggestion and I'm actually using that service from Google. :)

Paul, I just used it to boost my social media profile and pages. I haven't try building backlinks using "Link Collider" but I used manual post on my social media sites for interaction and engagement. We all know that all tools are blackhat techniques, when we say white hat it is naturally building links and viral distribution on social media.

I got your point Eugene and thanks for sharing this tool by the way. I've alredy tried it and our website gain a lot of traffic though..

I used to hear one successuful blogger who manages to make $5000 from Adsense every month by using Google Adwords traffic to his site. So he spends around $1000 on Adwords and let the traffic convert to Adsense dollars every month. I forgot his name. But he made a cell phone blog but he already stopped doing that because probably he is already rich by now and he said he wanted to focus on other project.

PPC is good but very expensive if isn't converting. So I would stay away from it!

It all depends on what we are marketing. Joe's plumbing service isn't going to have the same marketing requirements as John Doe's Pizza Delivery or Jane's Gaming Clan.

See Joe's plumbing service is going to do better focusing on offline marketing, direct response marketing, PPC campaigns on google, yelp, yp, etc. Because that is where people will be interacting with that brand and seeking out similar services. Social media as great as it is will help build relationships with a small minority of their customers but wont give them the desired impact that they desire because quite frankly not alot of people want to see a status update on what their plumber is up to unless they need him/her. Service companies like Joes probably wont see a huge benefit to even having a website if it is just a small plumbing outfit; however if they begin franchising then they enter into a phase where they really do need to push SEO to get their name out there. But at that point the website generally isnt just for publicity, its viewed more as a tool with an employee login - maybe even a CTA to book plumbing services online for their customers.

John Doe's Pizza will benefit more from facebook/instagram/twitter/etc. because their target demographics will be present on those platforms; and the best part is, everyone wants to post food porn on their status feeds. Now while offline marketing will still be effective (forget copy and content - word of mouth is king) - a pizza place is better to target a viral atmosphere with SMM & SMO (probably not so much SEO unless they are doing CTA on their website for online ordering - at which point they want to focus local SEO then SEO overall)(look up food trucks if you dont believe me; viral marketing is half of what makes them or breaks them).

Janes Gaming Clan on the other hand will have little or no success with offline marketing; kinda pointless because although video games are a social norm nobody wants to sound truly nerdy. So Jane is probably better off with content marketing on Youtube, Twitch.tv, and focusing strictly on SMO & on page SEO activities to build and foster relationships with fans, possible recruits and sponsers.

As you can see with my examples; there really isn't a one size fits all answer and is completely dependent on who your client is, who their customers are, what the Client's goal is and what will be the most effective (statistically) for their niche. Doesn't mean that Joes Plumbing Service wont break the meta and become a marketing monster on youtube with viral videos; its just highly unlikely and even if it does occur - what percentage of viewers are going to be home owners/paying customers who actually view that content?

@paul thanks for sharing that tool, we cannot use that tool for link building purpose right? it will be a black hat technique. Only for Social media promotions we can use this tool , am I right?


PPC is good option but it will be expensive, other than that Google adwards is good for promoting your buisness but you can also go for social networking site and so.

cocacola is good but very expensive if isn't convert.it will benefit more from facebook/instagram/twitter/etc. because their target will be present on those.

if you have money I direct you to use facebook ads, Lead impact, 7 search, I myself use them to promote cpa offers.

The best marketing promotions, from my point of view, consists from these elements:

1) Well designed call to action button;
2) Encouraging and catchy text;
3) Quality image of the ad;
4) The place of advertisement - is it relevant?

When all of these are fullfilled - the ad should get as much as it's possible.

The best business promotion is the visual content. Humans have more liking for visual contents than long texts and hence if you could give your products/services the video version, then it could be of the best reach.

I would go for social networking sites, as many as you can handle, but I would give a priority to Facebook. Try contacting some websites of high authority and with a lot of followers to gues blog for them or even better, write a column for them on a regular basis. This site should be from your nicheor related to it.

SEO and SMO are the two main giants for promotions of a website that really works for any marketing campaigns. But u should do it in proper way.

Google Adwords will perform well if you are running your campaigns under strict budget environment. The moment you let your noose loose on Adwords, it will exhaust your budget at blink of an eye.

I have good experience using LinkCollider.com as source of backlinks and SEO.

I would like to know a site like this

PPC is excellent but rather high priced if is not transforming. So I'd avoid out of this!

Click HereThanks for details sharing. You should follow all SEO rules step by step.

Its A Google Ad Words Its A Best Way To Build Your Marketing Campgain.

Marketing promotion: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Trends, Giveaway Campaign,...

Well I think these are working well, i used them about week ago.

Thanks for this thread! I must try to use Link Collider

Can be a presentation like a promotion?

Suberb! This is really cool! I'll test it and I'll give a feedback.

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Test what? The Link Collider thing you've mentioned in three out of your six posts?

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