Can anyone provide me any tips to generate 1000 daily visitors from Google.

Any help will be appreciated.


You would need aggressive tactics but my comments for you are:
1. Do you really care about visitors or conversion rate instead?
2. You can have 1,000 daily visitors but if it is not the type of visitors you want to accomplish your business goal, then do you really want these visitors?

1-forum posting
2-directory submission
3-social bookmarking
4-pay per click

If you want to drive traffic from Google, then you must have a good and more contents on your website. You also need to take some SEO points in to the account.

There are also several promotion techniques.
- Forum posting and blog commenting
- paid promotion such as CPA, CPC, CPM, etc
- Social networking
- email marketing

I would be interested also. Currently I am getting 100.

If you want to drive traffic from Google, then you must have a good and more contents on your website. You also need to take some SEO points in to the account.

There are also several promotion techniques.
- Forum posting and blog commenting
- paid promotion such as CPA, CPC, CPM, etc
- Social networking
- email marketing

What are CPA, CPM, CPC?

I would really want to try PPC but I do not have that much for funding. What are the best way to generate PPC traffic for less? And how about Twitter traffic? Any expert would love to comment? Thanks!

I saw this post earlier today when my partner Terry found it, so I decided to write a series of articles on this topic. Here is the first article. I will have the rest of the series on my website (DansMuayThai) later this month. I hope this is helpful for some of you. This has worked for me. I have had my site for about 6 months, and I get between 800-1000 visitors a day finally. Here you go:

I recently read a post on a message forum where someone asked the question of how he could get 1000 visitors a day in about 6 months time. This seems like a reasonable goal, but it will require a decent amount of work and dedication to achieve this. This series is going to consist of several posts that will act as a “recipe” to reach this goal. The 6 part series will be broken down into the following categories:

Building Content
Search Engine Tips
Building Backlinks
Social Bookmarking
Niche Based Traffic
Retaining Visitors

This post will cover tips for Building Content, which is the first and most important part of getting visitors to your site.

What is Content?

Content is the information or data contained in the various pages, posts and categories of your website. Whether your website is a static HTML page based site, or if it is a dynamic blog based site, your website must have content. Content exists in various forms, such as articles, photos, videos, ebooks and even digital merchandise.


The best content is original content. What that means is content that you own, created or have exclusive rights to. With that in mind, Articles are typically the most common form of content on the Internet, because an article is written and created by you (in most cases). There are websites that you can go to, to find articles about a specific topic and use them on your website as long as you provide credit to the original author. One of the most popular websites to find articles to publish on your site is Ezinearticles.com. Once again, I suggest you write your own articles, because if a reader likes what you have to say, there is a better chance they will return and continue to read.


Photos are another great way to add content to your site. Perhaps they are photos that you have taken yourself while you were at a particular place, and witnessed something yourself. Perhaps they are photos of you. Or perhaps they are photos you have found on various sites on the Internet, and compiled them on your website. I suggest not only having a photo album or category on your website, but also find ways to insert photos into the posts and pages of your articles. These photos will get indexed by various websites and could drive additional traffic to your site. One example, in an article I wrote about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I inserted a photo of the Brazilian Flag, which got indexed by Google and ends up driving about 15 visitors a day to my site.


Once again, the best content is original content. Perhaps you have a website on Golf Tips. A good thing to do would be to record different instructional videos and provide them to your readers to help guide them as a visual guide for the various tips. Videos can usually be more helpful than reading tips from an article or seeing photos. You can upload your videos to YouTube and the embed them on your website. The bonus to doing this, is if you link your YouTube videos to your site, someone that stumbles upon the video on YouTube may visit your website and become a frequent visitor. If for some reason, you can not record your own videos, you can always search YouTube to find videos related to your niche. Once you find one you like, you can post it on your website. Keep in mind, this may result in driving traffic away from your site at the moment, but if you develop a trust with your reader that you can find and display quality content on a topic, they may return to your site instead of searching the web for it themselves.


A popular trend nowadays is to offer your readers a free Ebook on a specific topic. The Ebook, which is usually a PDF file, is typically helpful in nature and geared towards a specific topic. Sometimes, websites offer an Ebook for a cheap price, such as a couple dollars. I have paid as much as $14 dollars for an Ebook that I was interested in. However, I then shared that Ebook with everyone else who was interested in it for free. So while the owner got my $14, he didn’t get anything from the other 10 people or so that I shared it with (welcome to the digital area). A better method of distributing Ebooks in my opinion, is to offer them for free in exchange for either a subscription or signing up for an email list. This way both parties get something of value. If that was the case, I would have just referred my 10 friends to the website, instead of providing them with the book

Digital Merchandise

Basically this is the concept of Affiliate Marketing. While that entire concept is beyond the scope of this post, or even this series in fact, I can briefly touch on it. Some websites allow you to sign up as an affiliate and sell their products through your website for a commission. In my opinion, the ones that work best are the ones where you can “Create A Page” and display the products directly on your website. Typically, you can insert a product title, description and photo for each page. This will end up getting indexed and will increase the likelyhood of driving traffic to your site if someone searches for a particular phrase. An example is if you do a search for “Fairtex Ultimate NHB Gloves” you may end up finding my website. This is because I have the product available for sale on my site, and additioinally I have done a product review article on this item, so both can be found on my website. Once again, it’s just another way to add content to your website, and profit from it at the same time.

Your Goal

With the goal in mind of getting 1000 visitors a day in 6 months (a goal that seems big and overwhelming), you need to act it in a different way. The way to attack it is to set small goals that you can achieve. A good way to receive 1000 visitors a day is to have a large amount of pages and posts on your website. You should create the goal of having between 400 – 500 pages and posts on your website by the end of 6 months. The more content you have, the more likely someone is to find a particular page on your website. If you end up having 500 pages and posts combined, and each one gets 2 visits a piece individually, then you have already created what you need to reach your goal. I suggest setting up your pages first when you build your website. Pages are static items that don’t change. Some examples are About Me, Contact, Links. Dynamic pages or Posts, change frequently. This is where you would post your articles or video clips. The 500 may seem like an overwhelming number, but if you break it down to a monthly, weekly or even daily total, then it will seem smaller and more achieveable. This will result in you reaching your goal in no time. 500 posts ends up being about 83 a month, 19 a week, or 3 a day. These are all achieveable if you work at it.

The next article in this series will cover Search Engine Tips. Among the tips included will be keyword optimization, submitting your website, sitemaps, Wordpress Plugins and more, so make sure you stop back for the next article.

What are CPA, CPM, CPC?

CPA comes when you use affiliate programs. you pay for the actions made by the visitor. e.g. you pay for signup, pay for signup + payment and so.
CPC = cost per click. You run ads on others' webite and pay the website owner per click basis
CPM = you run the ads on others' websites and pay per 1000 ad impressions.


Can anyone provide me any tips to generate 1000 daily visitors from Google.

Any help will be appreciated.


You need aggressive marketing skills.. Directory submission along with article marketing and as well as twitter updates that might help in getting more visitors.,

Buy PPC ad from google adword :D

Talk about popular topics, don't copy and paste content. 1000 daily visitors is not that easy to get, so talk about very popular topics and be friend with google because that's the main source of traffic.


Can anyone provide me any tips to generate 1000 daily visitors from Google.

Any help will be appreciated.


A lot of links from a lot of high PR sites and lots of quality content all over the web.

It really does depend on what your niche is and what the demand of your keywords is. I know it's obvious but it's true.
One of my sites got to a thousand visitors daily without too much effort. Another in a different niche has tons of backlinks but only manages about 100 a day

I think on page optimization for the right keywords is crucial

Getting backlinks [anchor text, do follow] to your site is again important. I know people have talked about forum signatures and all the other popular methods, but if you really want to get value for you links, guest blogging is the way to go

And keep updating and adding content to your website

It takes time but it does work

Diversify. Only with google is really hard. Better if you can send 200 from twitter, 100 from article marketing, 200 from social sites, 300 from google....

Honestly, afte six months you should be seeing alot more visitors than thAT MAN.

I know the other methods, but how will work exactly social bookmarking, anyone can be more specific....

Instead of focusing on 1000 visitors from Google, the other poster is right, you need to figure out which keywords/key phrases your site has that can attract visitors to you site and increase conversion rate.

Social media optimization is a better way to achieve good traffic. SEO tips are very helpful, article submission by article distributing sites like isnare is very very heplful..

You need to do a lot of hard work.
Link building
Quality content
Keyword research

Yes you can drive lots of traffic to your site, but if they dont convert, then basically, its not worth it.

1. Commenting on other similar blogs
2. Directory submission (does not work much these days)
3. Forum posting
4. Rss feed submission
5. Article submission to good article directories.

It also comes down to: What is your site offering that will entice people to visit your site?

I think dansmuay got the right point.
I love the reply.
And it worked for me pretty effectively.
keep up the good work.

having thousands of traffic in one day good for 6 months is not easy you need to work hard to increase your traffic. Socialnetworking, socialbookmarking, classified ads, press release, article link building, blog commenting, and forum posting. But you need more time to do that and be careful doing that techniques there are disadvantage.

I m also trying to get more visitors for my B2B website :)

you can achieve your goal by doing forum posting,smo and using ppc.

Hi you can get 1000 traffic to your website but for that you should do social media optimization, press release posting, article posting etc...

Writing quality content and SEO will do the trick. On page and off page optimization will give your organic traffic from search engines. You can have more 1000 visitor if you will do it right. It will take a lot of work and patience.

First of all you would have to pick a market that is large enough... there are lots of keywords out there that would not bring in that amount of traffic.

If you did the proper keyword research and analysis before starting the website you should be able to get a big chunk of traffic from search engines. It will take lots of backlinks...

Most importantly is to get customers returning to the site daily... so focus 100% on writing valuable content

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